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An Electrical Engineer’s view on the Blue Zone and the water sector

It is said that satisfied collaborators do everything to be able to satisfy the companies’ clients, therefore, Blue Zone strives, daily, to create a good work environment and to give voice to all members of its team.

This time, Blue Zone decided to give voice to Osvaldo Casimiro Chiueuane, Electrical Engineer and Commercial Technician of the company, who will share a bit of his experience and vision about the market.

In 2018, Blue Zone launched a vacancy in the market and Osvaldo Casimiro Chiueuane was the one who qualified for it and is part of the team to this day. With enthusiasm, Chiueuane tells how it is to work at Blue Zone:

It is very good to work here. The good working environment, good communication with colleagues and the management policy make me dedicate myself to my work on a day-to-day basis and gain experience for every situation I am subjected to, making myself available to serve you 24/7.”

Since his first day at the company, Chiueuane says he has had unforgettable experiences that have made him learn a lot and feel proud as is the case of having done work at Sotmoz, Sugec and the Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM) factory in Marracuene. Among the various activities he performs, Osvaldo Chiueuane reveals that he likes working with projects and technical assistance the most.

Making a small evaluation, the Engineer says that Blue Zone has had a positive impact in the market, due to its quality services and products and because it is spreading the use of clean energy (solar) in the water collection and distribution systems, reducing the pollution of the environment. For him, the main differential that Blue Zone has in relation to other competitors is the customer support in choosing the right equipment, technical assistance and commissioning in the products that are supplied, as well as the fact that it has accessories for the equipment it supplies.

Five years from now, Chiueuane believes that Blue Zone will be the leading provider of water sector services and products nationally and will be in the provision of services in industries.