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Blue Zone Hydraulic Technician shares his experiences and perspectives for the future of the company

Blue Zone’s success is only possible thanks to the commitment of each of its collaborators and one of them is Alfredo José Mujovo, Hydraulic Technician of the company, who, today, will share his experience with us.

Like some of his colleagues, Alfredo José Mujovo joined Blue Zone as a trainee, and his dedication earned him a contract as part of the team.

The internship is over, but Alfredo Mujovo guarantees that he continues learning every day with his colleagues and every time he does a new job, so he says that being part of Blue Zone is very good. Among the various experiences he has had at the company, there is one that he considers the most memorable:

“The most unforgettable experience I have ever had during my time at Blue Zone was the opportunity to have a training at Grundfos Academy SA.” – He recalls.

For Alfredo Mujovo, Blue Zone has a very qualified technical team and invests in its training, which puts it at an advantageous position compared to other competitors in the market, without forgetting the quality of its products.

Mujovo believes that in a few years Blue Zone will be stronger, more evolved and will have a team ready to work in various areas such as industry and mining.

For Alfredo Mujovo, those who visit Blue Zone leave satisfied because they find the best products on the market, which are selected with the aim of improving and facilitating their lives without spending a lot of money, and with guaranteed technical assistance.