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Blue Zone joins partners and clients in the inauguration of its new office

Yesterday, 25 August, the inauguration ceremony of the new Blue Zone office, located at Av. FPLM, nr 894, in Maputo city, was held, which was attended by partners and customers.

Leif Hansen, founder of Blue Zone, welcomed all the guests and told them a little about the company’s history, after which he invited representatives from Grundfos and DAB to talk about some of the brands’ products.

The Grundfos representative, Bennie Thiart, was the first to speak to the public and presented the brand’s latest product, the SP Solar pump, highlighting its technical composition, purpose and advantages. In turn, the DAB representative, Warren MC Murty, presented some of the brand’s products, highlighting the Divertron, EasyBox and DConnect, describing their respective specifications.

Asked what he thinks of the new Blue Zone office, Andrew Brunette, Senior Key Account Manager at Grundfos, said it is a larger space where customers will feel more comfortable and have a good experience whenever they visit. Regarding the partnership with Blue Zone, Brunette said it is very strategic and allows for the expansion of Grundfos’ products in sub-Saharan African countries.

Talking about the partnership with Blue Zone, the DAB representative said that it is now 11 years old and has been very productive:

We have a good relationship with Leif Hansen and the whole Blue Zone team. They are very competent people and are very knowledgeable about the pump and water industry, and are doing a good job with DAB pumps in Mozambique, Malawi and Mauritius.” – Warren MC Murty said, adding that the new office represents a big step for Blue Zone.

Warren MC Murty

The event was also honoured with the presence of the General Director of the Centro de Formação Profissional de Água e Saneamento (CFPAS), Carlos de Jesus Valentim, who was very happy to see that some Blue Zone employees were students of the institution he directs, as well as for the new office of the company that, according to him, are well located which will allow more people to have access to its services.

Almost all guests were unanimous about the commodity of the new facilities and their location. 

The new offices are more welcoming, spacious and in terms of location, I can say they are in a strategic point, on a major avenue.” – Said Samuel Chissumba, Commercial Director of COLLINS Water Systems, who was seconded by Benizardo Madija, Engineering and Services Superintendent of Kenmare Resources, who said “Comparing the old facility and the current office, I think it is a phenomenal change, it helps us to have a more comfortable environment, because there it was a bit cramped place, but here it is much better and the geographical location is very good because it is in an industrial area.” 

On the other hand, Blue Zone employees said that it is gratifying to follow the evolution of the company and that they are enjoying working in these new offices.

On the occasion, there was a prize draw that benefited two guests, the first winning a Scala2 pump from Grundfos and the second a KPF Auto pump from DAB. In addition, Blue Zone offered several gifts to the guests as a way of thanking them for their presence.

Here are a few moments from the event