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Blue Zone trains FIPAG Maintenance Technicians

From 18 to 21 July, Blue Zone held a training that benefited several FIPAG (Fundo de Investimento e Património do Abastecimento de Água) Maintenance Technicians, who work in the operational areas of all provinces of the country, and that was led by Engineer Alfredo Daniel Boane, Collaborator in the Department of Sales and Projects of Blue Zone.

During 3 days, the training took place at the FIPAG Academy Room, where the technicians were provided with theoretical knowledge and, on the fourth day, they had practical training at the Blue Zone offices, in Maputo city.

According to Sidsel Lorenzen, Administrator of Blue Zone, this training had the following objectives: (1) train the technicians in the maintenance of Grundfos pumps; (2) preventive as well as interventive maintenance of the models used in each area, such as submersible pumps and outdoor centrifugal pumps; and (3) train the technicians in consulting the manuals, which are available on the Grundfos website.

The maintenance in question has to do with basic interventions, which range from replacing bearings, seals to even general dismantling of a pump or electric motor for a general repair.” explains Sidsel Lorenzen adding that the manuals and catalogues available on the Grundfos website relate to all the brand’s pumps and can help solve the problems arising in the day-to-day lives of FIPAG technicians.

According to Adelson Manuel, Technical Coordinator of FIPAG’s Central Region, this was an opportunity for the technicians to get to know in depth the various types of Grundfos pumps or products and to learn about pump sizing, so as to know how to help the customer choose the pump he really needs. Furthermore, Adelson Manuel says that this training was very important because it solved some difficulties that the technicians used to face whenever there was equipment breakdown and gave them knowledge on how to solve future problems.

This type of training is important, because we need to know what we have to handle for each type of pump and know the accessories to maintain the longevity of the equipment” – concluded the FIPAG Central Region Technical Coordinator.

See some moments of the training below: