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Business Development Manager at Blue Zone talks about his training at Grundfos South Africa

Blue Zone invests heavily in training its employees so that they can acquire new skills, which are crucial for customer satisfaction and company growth. Proof of this is that recently Jeppe Lorenzen, Business Development Manager at Blue Zone, attended an intensive training course at Grundfos in South Africa, which was to give him knowledge about the brand’s pumps, their functions, the system requirements of a pump and best practices for choosing the right pump for each application, which is very important as he works directly with existing and future distributors.

Lorenzen recalls how he felt when he received the invitation to do the training:

I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to go and learn as much as I could at Grundfos’ training facilities,” he said emphasising that he gained a lot of knowledge, to highlight:

One of the main things I learned was the correct way to calculate the pressure required by a particular system. Secondly, it was useful to discuss the secondary requirements of a system as a whole. Finally, I enjoyed being able to see inside the pump, and how all the parts work together,” he recalled.

Considering that it was an intensive training, Jeppe revealed that it was difficult to retain so much knowledge in such a short period of time, as to properly absorb the information, more time would be needed to apply what was learned. Fortunately, all participants received documents and learning materials so that they could recall what they had learnt.

Speaking about the impact of the training on his professional and personal life, Lorenzen said that it has enhanced his current level of understanding about pumps, the processes that dictate choosing one and he believes that in the future this will give him more confidence in his work.

Asked what he enjoyed most about the time he was doing the training, Jeppe said that being able to learn about each of the parts of the pump and how they work together was very exciting.

As I already work with pumps, it’s reassuring to know exactly what happens when you switch on a pump system. This will soon help when I start performing maintenance on pumps where I will need such information and knowledge,” he concluded.

For Jeppe Lorenzen, it is very good that Blue Zone invests in training its employees, because the market is always improving, always innovating, and it is necessary to ensure that they are up to date with the new technologies and their implications. In addition, these trainings guarantee them a solid base so that they can build their careers in the water sector.