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CFPAS General Director praises the role of the Blue Zone in the training of professionals

The General Director of the Centro de Formação Profissional de Água e Saneamento (CFPAS), Carlos de Jesus Valentim, recently praised the role of the Blue Zone in the training of the students of the institution in which he is in charge.

Speaking as part of the inauguration of the new Blue Zone offices, Carlos de Jesus Valentim said that he has been in the position of General Director of CFPAS for about two years and has found a good track record of the relationship that the company has with this vocational education institution, as it has always given students opportunities for internships.

I found a very friendly history regarding the partnership that once existed between Blue Zone and CFPAS, and I found it very interesting, so much so that I ended up developing actions towards re-establishing this partnership. For this reason, we had a working meeting and drew some partnership lines and, at this moment, we have a memorandum that was signed between the parties.” – said the academic, adding that it is gratifying to know that currently there are CFPAS students who are working in the Blue Zone.

It is very rewarding for us as an academy, because we are an institution and the biggest bets of the government at the level of education is to improve the teaching based on competencies, therefore, the know-how. Many times, the great challenge for professional training institutions is to ensure employability, that is, at some point, we must have the comfort of knowing that our product is being applied in the market, and we found Blue Zone to be a preferential partner“, expressed Carlos de Jesus Valentim.

The CFPAS General Director also advanced that one of the strategic lines of the institution has to do with technological innovation and students can enhance it in the Blue Zone.

What is happening is that there is a lot of technological advancement in the labour market and, a lot of the times, the academy is found on the counter foot, because some technological approach is already being implemented. We intend to have this enhancement at the technological level, especially at the pump level. Our field of training is water supply, sanitation and management of water resources, we have very strong components linked to handling, knowledge and management of systems, through pumps, and a partner that brings us these elements is very important” – he concluded.

Blue Zone is always open to give opportunities to students and recent graduates to develop their skills, through professional internships, and some of them then gain employment contracts.