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Commercial Manager of COLLINS Sistemas de Água praises the work of Blue Zone and talks about the partnership between the companies

Since its foundation, COLLINS Water Systems, a Mozambican company dedicated to developing solutions for water supply in urban and rural areas, has been working in partnership with Blue Zone.

Recently, Samuel Chissumba, Commercial Manager of COLLINS Sistemas de Água, expressed satisfaction with the partnership that the company has with Blue Zone, because it has greatly facilitated the acquisition of products.

We work with Blue Zone in purchasing pumping equipment and dosing systems. When we have any project, we look to acquire equipment with Blue Zone” – he said enthusiastically.

Making an analysis of the national market, Samuel Chissumba highlighted that Blue Zone has a good stock of products and a speed of response that no other company has, which makes it a favourite of COLLINS.

For example, when you need an electric pump that maybe is not so available in the market, Blue Zone can give it to you in one or two weeks, they have this facility…You can even go to their facilities and not see the equipment, but they manage to say that they can give it to you in such a long time” – exemplified Chissumba.

Headquartered in Maputo city and present in 15 other points of the country, COLLINS leads the national market in the design, manufacture and installation of Water Treatment Plants (WTPs), and has relied on Blue Zone in its projects.