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From trainee to employee, Inocêncio Maculuve tells us how it is to work at the Blue Zone

Blue Zone is always open to give opportunities to people, either through hiring or internship in various areas of the company. Throughout the years of its existence, it has hired various professionals and has given opportunities to trainees who, to this day, are part of the team. One example is Inocêncio Maculuve, Hydraulic Technician/Sales at Blue Zone.

Inocêncio joined Blue Zone to do his end-of-course internship and was eventually hired. Happy to be part of the company, Maculuve tells us about his day-to-day life:

Working at Blue Zone is very good. My days have been satisfying, just knowing that I help the customers is a great satisfaction for me.” – says Maculuve further revealing that the most unforgettable experience he has had with the company is having had a training session at Grundfos South Africa, where he had the opportunity to learn more about the brand.

Inocêncio Maculuve reveals that what he most enjoys doing at Blue Zone is helping customers find the best solutions for their problems, and believes that the company’s services and products are of high quality, which sets it apart from other competitors in the market.

According to Maculuve, Blue Zone has the best products and services in the water sector that customers can find in the national market, so he invites those who do not know the company to visit it, as they will not regret it.