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Grundfos Foundation supports a Nigerian community with access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

With the support of the Grundfos Foundation, ACE Charity has recently started an Access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation project, consisting of 8 sanitation facilities and a borehole that supplies a school with clean drinking water in the Kware community in Sokoto, Nigeria.

As part of this project, the students of this school also received hygiene lessons, personal hygiene and menstrual hygiene kits. Thanks to this project, the students can now have safe hygiene practices, learn without interruptions and stay healthy. On the other hand, the children and those living around the school also benefit from improved access to water and sanitation.

In the past, the Kware community used to fetch water from a river, only to find it was dirty and the children often had stomach aches because of this. In turn, when students wanted to drink water or use toilet facilities they had to leave their classes to return home on foot, while those living further away would not return to continue their learning.

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