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Hydro-Mechanical Technician talks about his daily routine at the Blue Zone

With a graduation in Hydraulic Constructions by the Industrial Institute of Maputo, Cláudio Matsule is a Hydro-Mechanical Technician at Blue Zone, where he has been working for about three years and, today, he will share his experience at the company.

Driven by curiosity, Cláudio Matsule says that he always tries to learn something new at Blue Zone, whether with colleagues or even customers.

“I’m a bit curious and I learn everything possible. I’ve got it into my head that every day I should leave here while I learn something new. I’ve been learning more about hydraulics and also a little about electricity” – says Matsule.

In his day-to-day work, Cláudio Matsule has had various experiences in the work he does in the company and recently he had an episode that marked him greatly:

“We did maintenance for the Attorney General’s Office and this motivated me a lot, it exceeded my expectations, because I didn’t expect to do something like this. We did maintenance on a group of pumps that were almost dead, we fixed them and they worked perfectly again.” – he recalls happily, also saying that his superiors were pleased with the work, which made him more proud.

According to Cláudio Matsule, Blue Zone has been growing a lot due to the quality of its products and also stands out a lot for the assistance it gives its customers

“I don’t know any other company that gives so much assistance to its customers. Blue Zone has qualified technicians, who give good assistance, while the other companies are only concerned with selling” – he concluded.

Besides satisfying the needs of his clients, Cláudio Matsule says that the Blue Zone has contributed to the growth of various professionals, because it gives opportunity to many people, as happened to him.