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José Chionisse talks about his experience as a Blue Zone employee and client

In order to satisfy its clients, Blue Zone has a team of competent collaborators in various areas, such as José Chionisse, Accountant, who has been with the company for 22 years.

José Chionisse has had the opportunity to accompany the evolution process of Blue Zone and has also grown as the company has grown:

“Being part of Blue Zone is spectacular. I can say that I have grown here, because I joined at the age of 25 and I am now 47… I have learned a lot and I am still learning. For me, the Blue Zone is like a family” – says José, adding that, in his spare time, he enjoys chatting with colleagues and that he feels flattered to work in the environment that the Blue Zone offers in its facilities.

In addition to being an employee, José Chionisse is also a Blue Zone customer and says that the products are of high quality and world renowned brands.

“Our main brand (Grundfos) is a prestigious and international brand, which everyone would like to have. There is no point in buying a pump from one of these other brands that, the day after tomorrow, is already broken. I have a pump that I bought 10 years ago and, to this day, I am satisfied, because it still works and I have never had any problems”. – He testified, underlining that, in general, the brands that Blue Zone represents are for life.

It should be noted that, as a way of improving his skills, Blue Zone has already provided José Chionisse with various training courses in the area of accounting, which helped him to become the professional he is today.