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Over 38 million people will have clean water by 2030 in Mozambique

Recently, the Mozambican government pledged to increase the supply of drinking water to at least 38.7 million people by 2030, of which 24.8 million, equivalent to 64 percent, will be in rural areas.

According to the newspaper “O País”, to achieve this goal, the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources signed the terms of establishment of the Provincial Regional Supervision Committee for the provinces of Zambézia, Manica, Tete and Sofala, under the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (PRONASAR).
In order to make PRONASAR possible, the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Carlos Mesquita revealed that the cooperation partners, namely the British High Commission, the Austrian Development Agency, the Swiss Cooperation and UNICEF will disburse, annually, 50 million dollars to drill boreholes in 154 districts of the country, until 2030.

At the moment, of the 24.8 million people living in rural areas, 44.4% have clean water and 23.9% safe sanitation.