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Senior Account Manager at Grundfos talks about the strategic partnership with Blue Zone

Grundfos South Africa’s Senior Account Manager, Andrew Brunette, recently spoke about the partnership that Grundfos has with Blue Zone and said that it is very strategic, as it allows for the expansion of the brand’s products.

As well as supplying products, Grundfos also provides training to its partners so that they are better acquainted with its products, so a number of Blue Zone employees have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and undergo training at Grundfos South Africa.

“At Grundfos, we always strive to provide the best training on our products and applications. When we have key partners like Blue Zone, we want to invest in them and give them all the training they need.” – explains Andrew Brunette.

Grundfos cares about the satisfaction of the public who use its products, so it is always looking to know the feedback which, fortunately, has been positive in Mozambique.

“We are engaged with all distributors to know the feedback from customers, so I have already been to Maputo and visited some customers in the company of Blue Zone employees and the feedback was very positive” – tells Andrew Brunette.

Making an analysis of the next five years, Andrew Brunette believes that Blue Zone will grow more and more in terms of clients and infrastructure: “they will even buy the building next door to expand their work” – he joked.