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The testimony of a client who became a Blue Zone collaborator

Miguel Mondlane has been working at Blue Zone as Warehouse Coordinator for about a year, but he has known the company for much longer as a customer, so he categorically states that the best water solutions at national level are here.

“In my short time here, I have realised that Blue Zone sells high quality products. Before joining the company, I used the products we sell, but now, being inside I have a greater insight into their greatness and commitment to quality. Here we have the best water solutions nationwide. Manufacturing problems are normal everywhere in the world, but here it is rare for a client to appear returning a product” – he concluded.

Besides the quality of the products, Mondlane says that Blue Zone bets a lot in the quality of the assistance to its clients, because the important thing is not only to sell, but to provide solutions and a good experience to them.