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About Blue Zone

Founded in 1996, Blue Zone is a company that operates in the water and solar sector in Mozambique, Malawi, and Mauritius. In Mozambique, we are the only “Authorised Service Partner” of the renowned Grundfos brand and representative of other quality brands, namely, DAB, Boode Waterwell Systems, AVK Southern Africa, Global Water Solutions, Renewsys and Hose Manufacturers. In addition to supplying these brands’ products, we also offer maintenance and training services.

Our team is made up of national and international professionals, with more than 20 years of experience in the water sector and has technicians trained and certified by Grundfos. Our goal is: strive for high quality solutions for our customers and respond to their demands.

Blue Zone is a member of the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER), which aims to promote renewable energy, and of the Mozambican Water Platform (PLAMA), a mechanism for dialogue and participation by the private and non-governmental sector in the development of the water sector.

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Brands We Represent


Grundfos is a world leader in advanced pump solutions and water-related technology that is committed to creating solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges.


DAB is one of the leading brands that produces pumps for water supply and management. It has solutions capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency, as well as optimizing energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings.


Boode is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality PVC water hole screening and coating systems for the water supply industry.


AVK offers a wide range of water valves and fire hydrants, including distribution and supply of wastewater, and industrial such as oil, gas, energy, steel, among others.


Global Water Solutions is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pressure tanks and water treatment products. It is part of the Swan Group, which owns several companies manufacturing and distributing heating, plumbing and water products.


RenewSys is the first integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and their main components – encapsulators (EVA & POE), backsheets and solar PV cells in the world.


Hose Manufacturers is a brand that produces hoses for various applications, such as mining, agriculture, industry, and a flexible drinking water collector for drilling holes.

Service & Repair


Comissioning is the process of assuring our clients that all aspects of the pump installation has been done correctly and to make sure the system is ready to run. We carefully inspect your system and always check: if your system and pumps are fully compatible; if all pumps are correctly installed and aligned; and if the system has been tested and is ready to go.


Blue Zone has a team of trained technical professionals that have been certifed by Grundfos. With more than 20 years’ experience we think it’s crucial to share our know-how and expertise with our customers. We offer tailor made training on Grundfos and DAB products for all levels. We can offer training on site or at our premises in both Portuguese and English.

Service & Repair

Great service is an important aspect of our company’s philosophy and we are committed to providing service and support for our client as needed. Here at Blue Zone we also repair and test pumps of our own brands. As a sign of good faith in our clients, we offer diagnosis of broken products free of charge.

Career Oportunities

Be part of our solid and successful company, with strong presence in the countries it acts. We provide career opportunities, professional growth and development in a challenging and dynamic work environment.
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